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Restaurant Electrical Works

We design, calculate the maximum load demand and offer one-stop Restaurant Electrical solution to our clients based on their requirement, specification within the specify time frame. 

Electrical Work for Restaurant, Food Court, and Central Kitchen service includes:

  • All restaurants fitting out.
  • Renovation.
  • Addition and Alteration.
  • Electrical Supply Upgrading.
  • Switch Board Upgrading work.
  • Kitchen Power Design and Installation work.

We study, finalize the client requirement for operation of kitchen equipment, power requirement, function, diversity, starting current and design a reliable electrical system with, discrimination of various level protection to equipment.


  • Dialux Lighting design with the IES file from various vendors ,installation according to the design parameter ,spacing & height to achieve the intended Lux level 
  • Electrical Main Switchbaord design , Sub Bd, DB design and circuit breaker sizingi , cable sizing using Ecodial, Vipcoda software , Power distribution design and installations.
  • Extra Low Voltage (ELV) system design and installation.
Liaise with building LEW , submit CS1, CS7,CS5 , ASRE , LOA,COC,COR, SOTO form , installation Licensing and LEW services for ID Renovation , Addition and Alteration electrical supply upgrading work.